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A former history-archaeology editor of Horizon Magazine, this "Jersey Girl" with a love of history, has authored books ranging from the ancient Near East as the origin of Genesis, published by New York University Press, to her recent book, The Sixties, both fully illustrated. Intertwined with the personal story of adjusting to foreign cultures and raising children abroad, are the events of the tumultuous sixties and realizing the global effects of America's involvement in the unpopular Vietnam War. We see such leaders as Lyndon Johnson and Charles de Gaulle, at odds over the necessity of such a war. Civil rights, the Six-Day War, the strikes in Paris - all are included. Historical data and international political cartoons deepen understanding. The book can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble; by bookstores from Ingram, Baker & Taylor; or directly from Academia Books, Inc., 15 E. Hartshorn Dr, Short Hills, NJ 07078, or contacted from the author's web at, Price: $25, + tax and shipping.